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The Punishment Of The Rabbit For Disobeying

The Punishment Of The Rabbit For Disobeying [Red Folk And Wild Folk]

The Punishment Of The Rabbit For Disobeying [Red Folk And Wild Folk]

“I have one arrow through the ring, and I am going to try to beat you to-day. Yesterday I was far behind, and you laughed at me; now I will catch up and may get ahead; but we must stop, for here comes our grandfather."

The Punishment Of The Rabbit For Disobeying [Red Folk And Wild Folk]

Little Indian children have no schools, as their white brothers have, and, when an old man of the tribe happens on a group of children, he stops to instruct them and give them good advice.

 “My children, listen!” and all the children left their play to hear all the old man had to tell them. “You must always be courageous, above all things; but you must also obey your parents and your elders.

"Your grandmother has not told you how it happened that the rabbit has such long ears; so I shall have to, for I heard your mother calling you yesterday, my boy, and you did not answer. If you  do not obey, you may be punished, even as was the rabbit who did not obey his superiors.

“Listen closely and remember! A very long time ago the rabbit had short ears. One morning the owl, who is a very wise bird and was the head of the animal people, called the chiefs of all the different animal clans to council. He told them to meet at a certain place, as some very important things for the welfare of the animal people were to be decided.

“At the appointed time, the owl went to the gathering and looked over all the chiefs to see if any were missing.

“‘ Where is the rabbit ? ' he asked.

 “No one had seen him, and all knew he had not been there.

 “‘ I must go to get him then,' said the wise old bird. ' Rabbit! Rabbit ! ‘he called, but the rabbit was hiding in a hollow log. He was sleepy and did not want to be disturbed.

 "‘Rabbit ! Rabbit ! ' called the owl again, and the rabbit thought, ' I will pretend I am asleep, and, if I do not come, they will hold council without me.'

“ But the owl called again, and still he received no answer. ' Rabbit, do you not hear me call ?' Then the owl became impatient and he said, ' Rabbit, if you do not obey, and come to council at once, your ears will grow. They will keep on growing, too, until you answer and come.'

“The rabbit only laughed to himself.’ How can that stupid owl make my ears grow, I should like to Know? He would like to frighten me, since he cannot find me! ‘and the rabbit did not answer.

“Pretty soon the rabbit's ears began to feel very queer.’ What can be the matter with my ears? ‘he cried, ' I believe they are really growing. What shall I do? I would better answer. So he said, ' I hear, Owl; I hear. I am coming!' and he went to council.

The Punishment Of The Rabbit For Disobeying [Red Folk And Wild Folk]

“After he had answered, his ears stopped growing; but oh! how the animals laughed when they saw him, with those great long ears !

“The rabbit begged the owl to make the ears short again, but he would not be coaxed, and the rabbit has had to carry long ears to this day, just because he did not obey the owl.

“Now, my children, you must obey your parents, or your ears may grow long like the rabbit's."

 The children sat quietly until the old man turned his back and started to walk away. Then they went on with their game, each resolving that his ears should not grow long.